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SMSF Buying Property

Are You Interested in Self Managed Super Fund Property Investments?

When it comes to making the most of your superannuation in Australia, Self managed super fund property investment is a powerful strategy. SMSF property investment isn’t just a smart move; it’s a strategy that ushers in remarkable returns while keeping tax concerns at bay.

How? You only need to pay a 15% tax on net rental income. Additionally, using SMSF buying property, you can enjoy zero capital gains tax on income or capital gain after the age of 60.

Investment Window Buyers Agency is your partner in selecting and acquiring the ultimate investment property to bolster your superannuation fund. Our full-service, Self managed super fund property solutions are backed by data-driven research, market understanding, negotiation experience and professional connections.

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We Make Self Managed Super Fund Property Investment Easy & Simple

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Our journey together begins with a crucial step – the Initial Strategy Discussion. Here, we delve deep into your financial aspirations and intentions for harnessing the power of your Self managed super fund property investment. Your goals become our compass, guiding us toward the most effective strategy tailored just for you.

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Once we’ve understood your unique goals, our journey continues with extensive research. We venture into the property market, leaving no stone unturned. We meticulously identify areas and suburbs that promise the best return on your investment. Our team performs in-depth analysis, scrutinising rental returns and comparing property values to ensure every decision in using SMSF for buying property is grounded in data and potential.

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With the research in hand, we move forward to investment property shortlisting. We handpick properties that align perfectly with your SMSF’s goals. Think of it as a careful curation process. It’s all about ensuring that each property on the list holds the potential to contribute significantly to your superannuation fund’s growth.

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With significant experience as buyers agents, we step in to negotiate the best possible price for the property you’ve chosen. This phase is where our expertise shines, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment. We leave no room for compromise and work tirelessly to secure the deal that aligns with your financial objectives.


Success Stories

From identifying undervalued suburbs on the verge of transformation to predicting cash flow projections, our buyers agents’ insights helped our clients achieve exceptional returns on their property investments.

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Jason's Success Story:

Jason, the electrician, chose Investment Window to ignite his property investment journey. Starting with a $271k property in NSW, he quickly witnessed its value rise to $430k. With strategic acquisitions in his pocket, Jason is building his empire, fueled by success!

Shaikey's Journey to Success:

With Investment Window by his side, Shaikey's property dreams become a reality. Starting with a $300k NSW property, its value surged to $440k. Diversifying his portfolio, Shaikey's net worth soared by $270k in just 18 months. It's a tale of triumph and smart choices!

Alex's SMSF Triumph:

Investment Window turned Alex's SMSF dreams into profits. His $380k VIC property jumped to $575k in just two years, a remarkable $195k increase. With a second property in WA already generating income, Alex's SMSF is on a path to prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Live in a Property Purchased through SMSF?

No, you cannot live in a property purchased using your SMSF. It’s a legal requirement that the property purchased using SMSF can be used for investment purposes only.

What Are the Tax Implications of SMSF Property Investment?

SMSF property investments may have tax benefits, including concessional tax rates on rental income and capital gains. However, it’s crucial to consult with a tax professional to understand your specific tax obligations.

Are There Risks Associated with SMSF Property Investment?

Investment Window buyers agents are skilled in providing insightful guidance on SMSF property investment. While we can assist you in navigating the investment aspect, it’s imperative to consult with a professional for financial advice. If you don’t have an SMSF or require financial advice, we can connect you with a financial advisor through our network, ensuring that you receive specialised advice for your unique situation.

How does Investment Window evaluate operating expenses?

Yes, like all investments, SMSF property investment carries risks. These include property market fluctuations, vacancies, and maintenance costs. It’s essential to have a well-thought-out investment strategy and consider these risks when making investment decisions.

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