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Client Success Story

Client name: Jason
Profession: Electrician
Age– 29 years

Jason’s Journey With Investment Window

Our client knew how building a property portfolio can change his life over the long term.

Jason bought his first property at the end of 2020 in NSW for $271k and the rent was $310pw.

Two years later it is conservatively valued at $430k and the rent is about to be increased to $440pw.

He has taken the increased equity out and used this to purchase a further two properties in 3 months.

One of those was an off-market purchase in WA for $330k, we helped him do a $5k cosmetic renovation and it is now appraised at $380k one month after settlement, renting out for $410pw.

His third property was purchased in QLD for $315k ($20k under market value). He spent $15k on a cosmetic reno, then rented it out for a massive $440pw.

All three properties are in locations that have very strong underlying local economies with very tight vacancy rates.

What's Next?

Jason is getting ready for his fourth purchase and then will let time do its thing for a year or two before looking to continue to build his empire!


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