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Client Success Story

Name: Shaikey
Client background: Family man with two teenage children and a successful career that has taken him around the world.

Shaikey’s Journey With Investment Window

Our client had some experience in property investment, but he knew that his next move had to be a carefully considered one.

In August 2020, Shaikey made his first purchase of a property in NSW for $300k that had the potential for a granny flat to be added in the future to increase its cash flow.
The property had a rental income of $350 per week, and now it’s conservatively valued at $440k and the rent increased to $450pw.

Encouraged by the success of his first investment, later in 2020, Shaikey decided to diversify his portfolio and we helped him buy a low-maintenance, three-bedroom brick house in QLD for $310k, which immediately began to earn rental income of $360 per week. This property is now valued at $440k with rent increased to $460pw.

Within 18 months since his initial investment, Shaikey acquired two properties amounting to $610k, which have now appreciated to a value of $880k.
We assisted Shaikey in increasing his net worth by $270,000, with the added benefit that the properties are generating a yield of over 6% and are not incurring any costs.

Google Review

``Best decision I’ve ever made! I was in an unknown situation with the pandemic, is it the right time for investment? Michael guided me with his expertise and experience. Nobody else will ever beat his services and I’m relieved I don’t have the financial planning stress any longer! I will forever be grateful for what he did for me!`` - Shaikey


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