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Client Success Story

Travis' Journey With Investment Window

Travis is a train driver who, despite never having been on a huge salary, understands the significant impact that investing in property can have over the long term.

Travis bought his first property in June 2021 in WA for $377k, which is now worth $620k.

His second purchase was another off-market deal in WA in August 2022 for $402k, now valued at $600k.

His most recent acquisition was in February 2024, a property in QLD. This property initially fell through with another buyer, and Travis was able to purchase it for $408k, which was $22k under market value with comparable sales at $430k.

Initially hesitant and overwhelmed by various online ads and property pitches, Travis trusted his mortgage broker’s recommendation to go with IW, a decision he hasn’t regretted.

Travis has spent a total of $1.187 million on properties. Within a few years, these properties are now worth $1.650 million, reflecting an equity increase of $463k.

Travis continues to leverage the increase in property values to expand his portfolio, showcasing his strategic investment approach despite the challenges of navigating the property market.